Herein follows a chronological list of all the Redwall books and all fan fiction on this site.Links to categories hold prequels and sequels have been included, while Fanfiction featuring primarily OCs has been slotted into its proper place in the timeline by the author.

Lord BrocktreeEdit

Martin the Warrior Prequels

Martin the WarriorEdit

Martin the Warrior Sequels


Mossflower Sequels

The Legend of LukeEdit

Legend of Luke Sequels

The Shieldmaiden- Hollyfire53

The Vermin's Gambit: Part I- Thel' Vomadore

Outcast of RedwallEdit

Mariel of RedwallEdit

Bellmaker Prequels

The BellmakerEdit

Bellmaker Sequels

Waves of Darkness- Lord Starfire

Salamandastron Prequels


Redwall Prequels


Redwall Sequels

Mattimeo Prequels


Mattimeo Sequels

Pearls of Lutra Prequels

Pearls of LutraEdit

Pearls of Lutra Sequels

Long Patrol Prequels

The Long PatrolEdit


Marlfox Sequels

Nightmoon- Hollyfire53

Legend of Tyvan- LostGod2000


Taggerung Sequels


Loamhedge Prequels


Loamhedge Sequels

Of Warriors and Corsairs- Verminfate

Rakkety Tam Prequels

Rakkety TamEdit

High RhulainEdit

High Rhulain Sequels


Hollyfire's Tale- Hollyfire53

A Pikehawk's Tale- Thel' Vomadore

Gingiverian- ScottyBlue

Little Flower- ScottyBlue


Segalia Riverstorm's Voyage- Segalia

The Sable QueanEdit

The Rogue CrewEdit

Tales from Bowlaynee Castle- ScottyBlue

Emanon- Shieldmaiden

The Warrior- Long Patrol Girl, Complete

AU StoriesEdit

The Blade has Died, the Rose is Alive- Snowpaw the Wild, Martin the Warrior

The Ebonyclaws- DarkSaphire24, Martin the Warrior/Mossflower

Son of the Scourge- SalemtheCruel, Pearls of Lutra

The Quean and The Rhulain trilogy: Book 1: Blackrudder's Prophecy Book 2: The Cat's Revenge Book 3: The Sound of Freedom -by WildloughRhulain, Shieldmaiden, Wolf359, and Emijane

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