Author's note: The idea for this story took place after I participated in an RP of the same name on the Redwall Wars wiki for two or three years. It's a WIP.

On a lonely island beyond the bloodstained shores of Sampetra, past the high cliffs of Terramort, and further than Green Isle, home of the otter clans, lies an island shrouded in fog, black as the night with a foreboding air to it.

Creatures are drawn to this island by an almost supernatural power. 

The wolverine warlord Garanis, weary of plundering distant lands and taking captives, sought refuge on this island.  He and his crew found the ruins of a former civilization, but no clues as to what happened to them. 

Not long after their arrival, Garanis found bloodstained records in a cave declaring a terrible curse had affected the place, causing everybeast to go insane with bloodwrath! They concluded the inhabitants were all afflicted and ended up slaying one another.

Garanis and his crew gathered slaves to repair what buildings were damaged.  

The warlord began to notice signs of the curse appearing among the slaves. Being the cruel fiend that he was, he decided to make these maddened, now-violent creatures fight one another to sate his own bloodlust.

But no evil deed goes unpunished. . . . . . .  

Prologue Edit

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