AUTHOR'S NOTE: The book of Cilith, which takes its name from the cobination of the names Cluny and Lilith, is a series of 20 oneshots about Lupin the Deadly's infamous parents, Lilith and Cluny the Scourge from their first meeting to Cluny's death. Just to make things a little clearer, each chapter takes place a little while after the previous. Enjoy, and as always please review. -SalemtheCruel


Book I: Lilith and Cluny Edit

Chapter One: Rumors in the nightEdit

“Come on, you idiots! Pull! Pull like you mean it!” A small, grayish rat named Skullface turned to look his chief, Cluny the Scourge in his one yellowy eye. “But chief, we’ve been pullin’ this thing all aftanoon!” He whined like a five-year-old. “Couldn’t we have found a cart AND a horse for once?!” “Ah, shut your gripin’ face.” Cluny growled, in a demonic temper. “Get moving, folks.” Cluny advised the other rats. “We haven’t got all day, you know.” As though on cue, all the rats pulling the shafts of the empty horsecart fell down in exhaustion. “Well I don’t want to have to pull it myself again like we did back in Scraggway.” Cluny scoffed. After a three minutes of grumbling, Redtooth, Frogblood and Fangburn picked up the shafts of the cart and heaved it through the woods. When they arrived at a nearby empty clearing, Cluny took one look at it in scoffed. “This place’s too good for us.” He pronounced. “Let’s go.” Dead silence. Cluny stiffened in the bed of the cart. “Well, everyone who at least wants to leave come stand by me.” Again, no one stepped forward. “What’s the matter with you lot!??!” Cluny snarled. “All of you have been trying my patience all day and by the teeth of hell I swear I’ll kill someone unless this childishness stops!” “Woo! That’s great speech!” Fangburn applauded, clapping his front paws. Redtooth, who stood next to him rolled his eyes, whispered something in his ear and then Redtooth was silent. Cluny began pacing, his one eye taking in the landscape. Even he had to admit it was beautiful. There was nothing but lush foliage all over the place, and they were standing by a waterfall not too far away from a bare meadow. Finally, Cluny stopped pacing and said “All right. You can stay. This is where we’ll camp. But I don’t want to hear any more about this later!” And with that, the horde was dismissed.

Night fell, and the hordesbeasts milled around their new camp, got drunk and generally made total boneheads of themselves, at least, in Cluny's opnion they were. Cluny on the other paw, was restless. He wandered about camp like a stray dog, unknown thoughts plauging him. He sat down in the grass, away from Redtooth's tent where the pompous rat was playing his lute for a small audience. Quietly, he walked off in the direction of the falls. Cluny didn't need to say he was going hunting to leave. If anyone came out, they'd know. Imebeciles. Great, foolish imbeciles that's what they are. Cluny thought disgustedly. Do they even know that SOMEONE has to put food on their tables every night? And why on earth does it have to be me? Cluny trotted off through the darkened forest. Unlike most animals, going outside at night didn't bother him. He wasn't even fazed. In the clump of trees, his one eye made out the faint shadow of a young red squirrel, basking in the moonlight. Cluny's tongue flicked against his muzzle and he took one step closer. He'd always hated squirrels and would rather see them on his dinner table then make a conversation with one. Before the rat could go in for the kill, an arrow shot out of nowhere and impaled the young squirrel right through the stomach, killing it instantly. Cluny immeadietly looked to see who had fired the arrow, and looked up into the face of a rugged, spirited-looking ratmaid who looked to be in her late 20s. "Sorry. I'm afraid that's my squirrel." She said, and promptly began walking away. "And where do you think you're going?" Cluny asked, wrapping his tail around her neck. "Nowhere." She said stiffly, clearly unafraid. "So." Cluny said quietly. "Do you know who I am? Well do you?" The rat grinned and said "Of course I do. You're that rat from up north aren't you? Whatshisface the Scourge?" Cluny nodded. "Yes that would be me. The squirrel is mine." "Says who?" "Me." "Why do you say that?" She challenged. "Well I did see it first." "Well this is quite interesting." The ratmaid said, wriggling out from under Cluny's tail. "Meeting over a dead squirrel. Well. It's late isn't t.? Looks like I'll be going." And with that, she frantically tried to run off, but Cluny called over his shoulder "What's your name, she-rat, because I'll be watching you!" "Lilith!" She called over her shoulder. "My name is Lilith!" Cluny returned to camp that dawn with a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach. It was not from hunger. And somehow, somehow it felt good, like getting drunk on October Ale. And from that day foward, Cluny knew he wanted to see more of Lilith. He honestly had no idea why.

Chapter Two: The Courtship of Cluny the ScourgeEdit

The following day, Cluny awoke to silence all around the camp. Immeadietly he knew why. Everyone else had gotten drunk last night, and were currently having hangovers. Pleased with the lack of noise, Cluny got dressed and went outside. The camp looked like a ghost-town. Killconey the ferret wasn't even playing that wretched drum of his. Bored, Cluny lingered in the doorway of his tent. Since everyone else was, why not sleep in, since he could? No. He thought suddenly. I have other things to do. To keep himself busy, Cluny wandered around the camp doing pointless activities such as getting new wood for the pole holding the banner up, hunting for everyone's breakfast, and when all of that was done, sitting down in the grass and doing absoloutely nothing. After about five seconds this became boring. "Hellgates, what am I doing!??!?" Cluny roared at no one in particular. He looked up, hearing laughter. And there, staring at the border of the camp was Lilith, a daring and mischevious grin on her face. Finally, she said in between laughs "Somebody rescue me, I'm standing a few feet away from Cluny the Scourge, the most-feared warlord in Mossflower, who's just sitting there in the grass like he's got nothing else to do!!!" "I don't." Lilith grinned slyly. Not wanting to face the Scourge's anger, she said "Okay then, I guess I'll head home." Still laughing, Lilith slung her quiver over her shoulders and departed back to the woods.

Later that morning, Lilith stepped out of her small house into the bright April sun, knife in paws, going hunting for her food. She was startled as a most unwelcome sight brushed past her and trotted into the house: Cluny. Without a word, Lilith sheathed her knife, went inside and settled herself in a chair, making ready for the worst.

Lilith felt a little twinge as the metal barb ran up and down her body, examining her. “So how do I find out if this is your….. Your real gray fur?” Cluny said, staring absentmindedly at his surroundings. “Cut it out,” Lilith muttered, not really listening. “Is it naturally that gray color or are you older than you look?” Feeling repulsed, Lilith shoved her chair aside and stood up. “Of course not! I’m twenty-seven! Now get your tail off me and shut your trap!” Cluny only grinned and said “And who’s going to make me? Your boyfriend?” Lilith felt her fur growing hot with embarrassment. “I don’t have one. Now will you get out of my house before I have to get the fuzz?” Even though Lilith was twenty miles away from the police station in the next town, she still said it as a threat. Cluny only scoffed and said “I’m not afraid of the fuzz. They’re afraid of me and besides; the next town is more than twenty miles out. Since this place does not interest me…. I…. I will be going.” And with that, Cluny bowed in a cunning, debonair way and he ran his tail once under Lilith’s neck before departing. As soon as she was alone, Lilith muttered “I hope I never see that rat again.”

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