Sorry if none of you understand this, it was written by Maple, but I made it look like it was written by the Sparra.

1. The War Against Cluny Edit

It cold night. Fiercetalon Sparra by mousechurch, on roadlight. Saw scared horse pulling cart. Filled with rats. Coming other way stripedog. Carting mouses home. Stripedog swerved, hid cart. Fiercetalon Sparra, saw it all. Lucky stripedog hid cart, not hid cart, stripedog badly injured, mouses probably die. Saw rats, called mousechurch 'St. Ninian's'. Rats use mousechurch as base. Stripedog turn back to Abbey, Fiercetalon Sparra follow in air.

Life normal for Sparra. No need cozy soft-nest, no need care, no need healing. Sparra warriors, warriors fight. Sparra brave. Sparra most important when Warbeak shot, Warbeak shot.

Squirrel climbed up Abbey side, was on roof when Sparra attacked.

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