This is book one of the New Abbey series. It has three divisions: 1. Cluny's Son, 2. Matthias's Sword, and 3. The Battle is Won.

1. Cluny's Son Edit

1. Cluny's Son Comes to St. Ninian's Edit

Queen Warbeak of the Sparra lived in the loft of Redwall Abbey. Her mother was the widowed Dunwing, and her uncle the deceased previous ruler of Sparra, King Bull Sparra.

Queen Warbeak now had an eggchick, the next Queen, whom she called Matthiassword, and she would be a great Sparra warrior.

"Mama, tell story," Matthiassword chittered.

"Get father to tell you story," Queen Warbeak answered. "Me busy. Father get you wormfood and tell you story."

"'Kay," Matthiassword sighed. "Matthiassword go 'way."

"What?" Matthiassword's father, Grumblebelly, grumbled. "Me no liked to be woked."

"Tell me story," Matthiassword said eagerly, "and getta me wormfood. Tella me 'bout Matthias mouse."

"Me younger than Majesty," Grumblebelly snorted. "Me hatched when Matthias mouse left. Aska Dunwing 'bout Matthias mouse."

So off Matthiassword went. "Dunwing, tella me 'bout Matthias mouse," she told Dunwing.

But it was too late.

Ha! Fury the Scourge thought. "My father might be dead, my mother might be weak, but no one stands a chance against Fury the Scourge! Yes, Galedeep?"

"I - I see a church in the distance," Galedeep croaked. "It appears to be empty. Empty of inhabitants as much as a dead chicken has a chance of moving on its own."

"Rottenflesh!" Fury called. "The horse has stopped! Get us moving!"

The horse, upon feeling the rat upon its back, jolted off in terror. They were heading for St. Ninian's!

2. The Second War Begins Edit

"What'sit, Sparradeep?" Matthiassword asked.

"We gotta tell Abbey residents," Sparradeep spoke, breathless. "Rats invade St. Ninian. Leader call self Fury the Scourge. He disgusting. We hurry."

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