Thorntail Gingertail was a wildcat in Hollyfire53's Hollyfire's Tale. He was a good friend of Aphrodite, and was prompted insistently to mate his daughter, Alrescha, which he finally agreed to. Although Alrescha and Thorntail had a daughter, Corinea, together, they hated each other fiercely. Right before Alrescha killed her father, knowing that Thorntail would get in her way, Alrescha sent Menkar after him and Corinea. The badger took them to a cave near Salamandastron, knowing that the cave would avalanche and kill them both.

Thorntail, knowing Alrescha's plan the whole time, threw himself in the way of the falling rocks in order to save his daughter. While Corinea escaped alive, Thorntail did not, and Corinea later tells Lord Skyarrow that the only thing she missed about her old life was her father.

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