Travis Squirrel is the twelve-year-old son of Jess and David in Sale's Fellowship. He is the younger half-brother of Sam Squirrel (age 26 in Sale's Fellowship, 15 in Jewel of Malkariss.) Travis was the first one to know of Sale's coming to Redwall. Like most woodlanders, Travis is kind, but wary around vermin, especially foxes. He is also a friend of Mattimeo the Warrior. Travis's favorite weapon is the sling. Together, he and Sam are head of the Redwall Council, with Abbot Mordalfus and Mattimeo the Warrior. Travis is also known to be smart, cunning and easily excitable. He typically wears an orange tunic with a belt and carries his sling at all times. He is also a member of the Mossflower Patrol.

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