• Amesco


    January 14, 2012 by Amesco

    Rackatung the wolverine stared out of his balcony window, marveling at his great horde of all types of vermin, with three wildcat captains and two smaller wolverine captains as the only officers. The sound of spears, javelins,tridents, and all sorts of weapons banging and clanking drowned out all the sounds of the rain. Pufftail, one of his wildcat captains, approached him, breathing heavily after the large climb up the mountain face, and bowed. "What is it Pufftail, you know I don't like 'ormaities." "Yes," the wildcat answered. "And the horde is ready to march. But, may I ask, where will we march to?" "We go south until we reach the mountain of Salamandastron, weaving over the land and picking up troops as we go. By then this horde will …

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