This will be a tale of sadness, pain and bloodshed. But also happiness, humor and rich characters. This is a tale of a kingdom and an abbey with battles ranging from mountains to sea, from hill to dale and from ditch to dust on a winding road. This is a story of two great peoples fighting for two things: One for power and one for freedom. Many heroes and villains on both sides will fall to the arrows and spears of the opposite side and many will cry over their deaths. Some will seek revenge and some will seek a new way to find happiness. This tale may not have a happy ending, but it will have a sequel.

The kingdom was a small dusty place where the sun would bake pitilessly on both the roads and the people living there, a rat holding a spear wiped sweat from his brow and moved into the shade of a large stone rock which towered over the entire village near the fortress. It was said that it was used to make the entire village and fortress with the help of captured masons. The rat shuffled a little closer to the road and peered, with a paw shading his face, over to a small dust cloud. At closer inspection he saw several soldiers dashing towards the village. He put a paw to his mouth and blew, creating a short, shrill whistle. After a few moments a tall somewhat skinny weasel hurried over, clasping a large dried up dockleaf he found two days ago which was already shrivelled up and brownish black. "Wot is it?" He asked suspiciusly, puting the dockleaf on his head. The rat pointed over to the dust cloud, but it was already settled with no soldiers in sight at all. "Well?" The rat kicked a pebble and answered. "I seed some solders a few minutes ago, but I dont knows where dey are..." The weasel spat out some leaf fiber he was chewing and scoffed. "Hah!" He shouted dryly, "Dont knows where da crowd of solders are, well listen block`ead, one more whistle an' I'l make shure your fastened to da roof whetre you can meet the fire star even better, now back to work, I'm busy" The weasel walked over to the baracks where it was shadier, smilling at the thought of a nice nap and a long drink of water. The rat continued staring at the place wherehe saw the soldiers a minute before, he remembered that they had long skinny tails like his but they didn't have any fur at all. He scratched his head glumly and decided to go back in the shade, oblivius of 4 pairs of eyes, red with loss of sleep and a hungry glint in those oval shaped eyes.

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