Pinedance Coneslinger

aka Sarah

  • I live in Utah
  • My occupation is Actress/Artist/Writer/Student
  • I am Female
  • Pinedance Coneslinger

    We wait impatiently for that mousethief to make his appearance. He should have been here hours ago! Does he think he can loiter about Kotir all day? If he does not hurry, we'll have to go and try to help him escape another time. We are too exposed here; if any of Kotir's soldiers look about carefully, they'll see us without a doubt.

    I shift impatiently, stroking the smooth wood of my bow, longing to shoot at something. Anything rather than this endless waiting.

    My ears pick up outraged and startled cries along with the shattering and clunking of dishes. Tsarmina's voice sounds out in fury. "Stop those mice! Kill them!"

    Our mousethief was making his escape at last and leaving with a flare. Apparently he was not alone.


    All of us…

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