• Redmight

    Knights of Redwall

    August 8, 2011 by Redmight

    Hello there!! This is my first fan-fic and I've worked on it with all my heart to create it!! so enjoy!! and don't be afraid to critique or comment!!

    A forest's rain enveloped in the pitch blackness of night can be made beautiful and deadly at the whim of its will, but what manner of storm ever finds itself fighting against one who holds nothing but harmonizing music in the form of a guitar and the inner of voice of the soul that sings like this...

    Now hear my voice rise to the sky and play a melody!

    My guitar and I will march in hopes of reaching home!

    Don't let me walk alone tonight, Just send me to my home!

    even though this storm is harsh and batters down my soul!

    I'll march it on!

    Endure it all!

    Just to see my home!!

    I'll fight the wind!

    Defeat …

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