this starts with Felldoh going to kill Badrang

Felldoh marched onward, a determined vengeful look on his face, carrying his javelin, he was out for blood! little did he kow, thta three of his friends, two otters, and a mouse, each armed were following.

three days earlier, Brome, Keyla, and Tullgrew, had noticed the changes in their friend, he was quieter, more determined, nad sat left camp often. they had decided to keep a close eye on him. "It sure is strange, how he acts like this now" Brome said to Keyla as the two sat close to the fire while the others slept, Keyla nodded, "Yes it is, maybe we should watch him." the two friends lay down to sleep. while he slept, Keyla had a strange dream, where a mouse carrying Martins sword the Badrang had stolen, and a curved corsair blade, hew wore corsiar rags, it was Martin! But no, he was older, he knew that it was Martin's Father, Luke.

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