Since I've quit on telling my fursona's story on the Redwall Wiki, I'm telling the basics by "Scenes" like one of those new DVDs, with Special Features, Deleted Scenes, and the original idea of Thornclaw.

Part One: The Coming of a Stoat

Scene One: Outcast

Thornclaw Braveheart, son of Drehta, son of Pitusd, is introduced as an outcast banished from his father's tribe for sparing the life of an enemy. He wanders through the desert until being knocked unconscious by a mysterious figure with white hair.

Scene Two: The Wildcat of the Seas

After being defeated by Salamandastron, the wildcat corsair Emperor Kardag Svilatz plans his revenge, by sailing south and deploying troops to defeat the tribe of Drehta and travel north, destroying the Fire Mountain. His second-in-command, the ferret Yazzo, is introduced.

Scene Three: Wenzel Lavender

Thornclaw awakens in the camp of the mystery figure, the hare Colonel Wenzel Bramblestar Lavender, who shows Thornclaw his huge Zweihander and agrees to bring him to Salamandastron. At night, a band of rats attack Wenzel, and all except one rat and their fox leader are killed.

Scene Four: Danger at the Abbey

At Redwall Abbey, one squirrel Faram Denirsson arrives to warn Abbot Aecep about a horde of ferrets and weasels coming his way. They hope for a warrior to save them.

Scene Five: The Maul

A horde of searats under the ferret Dirz the Maul arrive at the beaches north of Salamandastron. One of them taunts Dirz and is executed. Dirz calls on the rats to prepare for war.