Valoran MacRyrie

Nickname: "Blackbrook", he chooses to go by his nickname

Species: River Otter

Gender: Male

Weaponry: Double-bladed claymore and dirk for close range, an air rifle and steel balls for long range

Clothing: He wears a dark green tunic and a green and black plaid belted in both a tartan and kilt. Around his neck is a silver and emerald medal of valor he got for leading Operation Operation Nyte Strike (see backstory)

Appearance: A tall, muscular otter in his mid-forties, Blackbrook has dark brown fur shading in places to black and dark, pine-green eyes. By just looking at him, any creature can see he's a warrior. His body's littered with scars he received in slavery. The most visible one, however, is his facial scar: A long scar starts above his right eye, slanting down over the bridge of his nose across his face to stop at his jawline on the left. 

Personality: Normally cool-headed, quiet. In battle, he's the total opposite, a vicious, battle-hardened warrior. His personal motto is "Death Before Dishonor".

Backstory: Spent three seasons in a slave compound/POW camp in the Northlands run by a wildcat named Bloodshadow. Was widowed when he was captured, his wife Ainsley was killed in front of him. The year the war started, Blackbrook personally organized and led an escape operation among the slaves, an operation he'd code named " Nyte Strike". Under his command, the freed slaves wiped out the guards. They avenged the fallen slaves and their families who were murdered when they went into slavery, and left no vermin alive.

The Skipper personally struck the killing blow to Bloodshadow; ran him through the side with his claymore. The last thing the cat saw before death took him was the smirk on Blackbrook's face. 

After killing his enemy, Blackbrook travelled down to Mossflower and was adopted into Holt Willow, formerly Camp Willow. He rose through the ranks and was finally appointed the new Skipper by Holt Willow's leader. 

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