Name: Vanora Galedeep

Gender: Female

Species: Sea otter

Origin: a holt west of Southsward

Weapons: the Galedeep Blades, twin curved swords belonging to her ancestor, the legendary Finnbarr Galedeep, who gave his life to stop the Foxwolf Urgan Nagru. She's never been able to use a bow and arrow no matter how hard she's tried.

Physical appearance: Vanora is a large otter with a tall, muscular build and jet black fur inherited from her mother, Kiaori Wakecrester. Her eyes are a piercing ice-blue. She has a jagged scar tracing down her face from her forehead around and down the right side of her jaw to her neck, and a single tattoo on her left forearm, a pair of crossed swords. Vanora wears a simple black short-sleeved tunic with a black vest and a dark gray scarf bound around her brow to keep the sun off her head. 

Scars: her facial scar, her right ear has a notch in it.

Motto: "Keep your mind as sharp as your swords"

Warcry: Galedeeeeeeeep!

Her daughter was Rhiannon Galedeep

Vanora learned a trick from a former Flitchaye named Jibtail.

She requested my aid at a babysittin' job with her twin daughters, and in return she shared her knowledge of the knockout herbs her kind use. If I hadn't have known the herbs, I'd have never been able to get the little scamps to calm down.

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