Varanno is an ermine warlord from an island near Southsward. He has piercing gold eyes, dark brown fur and a tall, muscular build. Varanno scorns the finer clothes of most warlords, preferring to wear the silks and seaboots of a corsair, but he always carries a walking stick with a gold-plated squirrel's skull set on it. Each eyesocket of the skull is set with an emerald.

His walking stick isn't only a mere walking stick, it's a sword cane concealing his main weapon, a long-bladed, double-edged rapier. His backup weapon's a dirk.

Varanno can have a kind smile on his face even as he's using his sword to torture a beast to death, a repeated act that's earned him the title "Varanno the Ruthless."

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