Yamagg Aik was a fox warlord, albeit one who was very wary of his own abilities. Yamagg's place of origin is unknown, but it is known he managed to form a horde of ferrets and weasels. They attacked Redwall Abbey, though the defense force under Skipper Rard Blackarrow managed to hold them off. Despite the urgings of Abbot Aecep not to purposefully kill the vermin, the battle in the Abbey orchard was one of the bloodiest in Redwall's history. Luckily for Redwall, the Salamandastron stoat hero Thornclaw Braveheart had arrived after wandering throughout Mossflower, now armed with his Zweihander, multiple knives and daggers, and a longbow. With such a warriors as Thornclaw there to help the Abbey, the tide turned quickly against Alik, who escaped to the Bell Tower. However, Thornclaw was waiting for him, and in that room they fought, mostly with Yamagg losing his scimitar and being commanded to pick it up. Eventually, Yamagg found himself standing on the windowsill of the Bell Tower as Thornclaw locked his humongous blade with Yamagg's shorter one. Then, Thorn let go of Yamagg and said, "It was fun playin' wid you," as Yamagg Alik tumbled to the orchard ground below. He immediately died, and when the vermin saw his body, most fled. Those that remained fought for a short time, but when Thornclaw returned to the fight, they surrendered.

Yamagg always wore a brown tunic, red cloak, and an eelskin belt that held his scimitar. He also carried a javelin into battle. He was later known as the second warlord killed by Thornclaw Braveheart, though technically it was the fall from the Bell Tower that killed him.

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