Chief Guard Zenka
Place of Origin
Mossflower Woods
Stone sword
One of the Pineshadows
Killed in the final battle at Redwall

Zenka was a strong female pine marten and one of the Pineshadows. After the death of Draker, Valkarano promoted Zenka to Chief Guard, a leading position in guarding the territory of the Pineshadows. Zenka and some of her martens were the first to confront Rackorg Vinn and his crew coming through Mossflower to Redwall Abbey. The two vermin groups joined forces and invaded the Abbey. Zenka was one of the first to enter Redwall, and she opened the main gates to allow Rackorg Vinn, Valkarano and the rest of the vermin inside. Since none of the invading horde left Redwall alive after former slave reinforcements, lead by Riddy, came and defeated the vermin, it is presumed that Zenka was killed in the battle.

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