Name: Zinaya "Zin" Galedeep

Species: Otter

Seasons: Late twenties

Alliance: Neutral

Appearance: Zinaya has brown eyes, a tall build and dark brown fur, except for a light brown, diamond shaped birthmark on the back of her head. forest-green eyes and heavily-callused paws. She stands 5'8". She wears a single silver hoop earring in her left ear, a blood-red tunic, a green kerchief tied around her neck and a red and green plaid kilt, along with twin scabbards slung over her back.

Personality: Courteous, logical, will never just charge into a fight without planning an attack 

Occupation: Zinaya has worked as a hired guard before.

Weapon: Zin's weapons are the twin swords used by her mother, Rhiannon, and their ancestor, Finnbarr.

Zinaya was born to Rhiannon and Lareth Galedeep in the Winter of the Emerald Stars.

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